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    ONLY 25 hours! 3 Years old!

    Price: 49.000,- Euro

    Very well equipped:
    – Instruments basic, plus attitude indicator, 8.33 radio, transponder
    – parachute
    – BERINGER telescopes, tailwheel, brakes
    – Engine Rotax 100 Hp
    – Propeller Aerobat
    – Leather seats and leather bag

    Damage history:
    Right wheel/brake blocked because of a small stone (scree) in take off operation. After it the aircraft turned right, the end of the wing hit the ground (sand) and turned to back side.
    The propeller is fractured (WoodComp was on it, that is the reason why we have a new Aerobat), engine covering is fractured too. Fortunately the engine is ok.
    Right wing damaged, can be repair easily.

    You can built “back” to Bobber style or if You cover the fuselage, shoaled be a Cub. It’s up to You.

    You can pick up this Bobber in HUNGARY!

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