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    I am looking at buying the Shock Ultra, however I find the choices to be somewhat overwhelming.

    Any advice on what choices to include? I am pretty set on the 915 but for prop, avionics, wheels etc I have no real idea.



    Lars Najbjerg

    Hi Axel,

    Good choice. For engine a good alternative is the Edge Performance Rotax – it’s lighter and more powerful. 915 is also fine. Props I’ll leave to someone else.

    Is you want to use it as designed – for backcountry flying, you should go for Alaskan Bushwheels. 26″ is actually sufficient, but 29″ looks cool 🙂 (and more draggy) I wouldn’t go bigger than that.

    The gear is important for that kind of flying. I use ACME shocks and I definitely recommend them. The Stinger tailwheel is also an excellent choice although somewhat heavier that the stock one (and more expensive) Beringer brakes is also a good choice.

    Avionics is personal preference – I would just take whatever Zlin Aviation has as standard.

    Best of luck! Lars


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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