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    Lars Najbjerg

    Zlin Aviation has received an e-mail an Italian Savage Cub customer, who has the plane stationed near the sea since early 2010 (the aircraft plane has logged 780 hours).

    He decided to thoroughly inspect the tail cables since he noticed quite an alarming swelling of the sleeves on the steel cables holding in position the two stabilizers. After the removal of the black plastic protection placed over the sleeves, he discovered the problem shown in the pictures below.

    In several places the Maintenance Manual mentions inspections of all steel cables, for wear and corrosion. Please make sure you inspect them accurately and according to the multiple notes in the maintenaince manual. Of course some flying areas are more corrosive than others, so special precautions have to be taken when the plane is operated near the sea or water in general.

    A small extract from the Savage maintenaince manual:

    Zlin Aviation Section 2 Maintenance Manual Line Maintenance, Repairs and Alterations


    Aircraft cable systems are subject to a variety of environmental conditions and deterioration. Wire or strand breakage is easy to visually recognize. Other kinds of deterioration such as wear, corrosion, and/or distortion are not easily seen; therefore, control cables should be removed periodically for a more detailed inspection.

    All control cables must be inspected DAILY for broken wires strands. Any cable assembly that has one broken wire strand located in a critical fatigue area must be replaced.

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