Black Ops Gen 3

TAC AERO had this to say about Acme Aero’s Black Ops shocks when they tested them on their Carbon Cub FX-3:

“The Gen3 struts performed far above expectation. From the online research TacAero did prior to this test, we thought the AOSS or TK 1 struts would be the best performers. The only struts from this test we did not purchase prior were the Gen3.

Hands down, the Gen3 was the highest scoring throughout this test. We have left the Gen3 Black Ops ACME AERO struts on N844FC. We are certain these are the struts our customer will need and live up to their name. We are anxious to do further testing with this set up and really put these struts through the fire as we continue to demonstrate to performance and capabilities of the FX-3.”